9th April 2015 trampadmin

Armature Fabrication 101

Armature fabrication for the puppets for the ‘Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires’ production is no easy stint. Whilst a lot of the processes can be duplicated and automated after the initial development of the character or characters, there is still much that needs to be custom designed and crafted by hand.

After a wander through the puppets department here at Chuck Towers last week, I filmed with armature fabrication specialist Ian Matthews for a little while, who walked me through the creation of a posable appendage piece that was needing to be added to an existing armature.

Working on the armature of a beast, Ian explains the process involved with creating the tail, so it can be posed and animated well, without the risk of it being over-worked and breaking during the film shoot.

Ian, as an armature fabrication specialist, is one of a team of people responsible for delivering the posable armatures for all the characters on ‘Night of the Trampires’.