11th April 2018 trampadmin

Meet the Trampires at Cardiff Animation Festival

Chuck’s coming to Cardiff!

On Thursday 17th April, we’ll be unleashing our horde of Trampires into the Cardiff Animation Festival. Fresh from the tireless hands of our animators, these fearsome tramp-vampire hybrids will be crawling around the Chapter Arts Centre on the hunt for some fresh blood… and probably booze.

We’ll be running a four-day exhibition across the weekend, where you can get face to face with the unruly Trampires, wander the sunset streets of L.A. and even meet the legendary Chuck Steel himself! We’ll also be hosting a Q&A with director Mike Mort, Art Director Bridget Phelan, Animation Supervisor Darren Thomson and Producer Randhir Singh where you can ask all your burning questions about what drives the madness of our stop-motion creativity.

For more details about the event, head over to the Cardiff Animation Festival website and grab a ticket before they’re gone. And if you see us there, don’t be afraid to say hello! We don’t bite. But our Trampires might…