8th June 2015 trampadmin

Shooting Floor Standing By

Howdy Chuck fans! The last 4 weeks has seen our massive open live area divided in to 24 shooting areas, each either currently, or about to be, housing a live set or part thereof.

Our shooting floor used to be a huge open warehousing area with racking throughout. Just to give you an idea, space-wise you could fit 4 articulated lorries side by side, and 2 length ways with enough space left over at the end to get another in. That’s 9 artics…conservatively. Its a big space.

Shooting Floor Before…


It turns out, if you give a man plenty of wood and tell him what you need – 4 weeks later you end up filling that massive space with 24 shooting bays and a whole lot of theatrical curtains. Throw in 3 other men, skilled in both electrical and networking techniques at opportune moments throughout those 4 weeks, and you get both power, and networked computers on each set that have the ability to communicate with our central server.

Shooting Floor standing by…



This week, with all these bits in place and for the first & only time, the glaring house lights on the shooting floor have been extinguished, and we’re running on the low light LED’s put in place to light only the walkways between the shooting bays. The transformation has been dramatic to say the least, and it feels like its happened overnight, well…over 28 nights, anyway.

So our shooting floor is just about ready, and the first sets to be filmed on are ready, so it wont be long now til we start shooting ‘Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires’ – of course, you’ll be the first to know.