8th November 2016 trampadmin

Trampire Tuesday #62

Trampire Tuesday #62 – We’d put money on the fact that if you looked inside the collar of his coat you’d find a name tag – probably find the remnants of the elastic for his mittens there too not checkin’ though…so name him 🙂

Every Tuesday morning we will release an image of one of our Trampires, one ugly freak at a time, and we need your help!

We’ll add the image to our our Facebook page, where you can suggest names for the creeps as you play ‘Name that Trampire’!

Each week the name will be decided from the ones you give us.

Small print: There are no prizes and the judges decision is final. Sensible answers will be disqualified.

Trampire Number 62 – the filthy duffel coated, possibly name tagged, definatly missing mittens, freak of stop motion!